Life’s a Festival

In the UK the summer has arrived at last, and that glowing orb of fire in the sky can now be identified as something called the sun – a sight unfamiliar to many of us. As Glastonbury gets under way, it’s time to remember that this is also the time for a number of reggae […]

Black Roots: ‘Roots

This energetic UK reggae band, formed initially in 1979, have featured on these pages before (see February 2016 and September 2018) and are now back with the digitally released album ‘Roots’. Its focus is upon black origins in Kemet, an old Egyptian name for lands around the River Nile.  Aiming to develop a ‘new perspective […]

Gary Dread: When I See Your Eyes

From American drummer and producer Gary Dread comes this up-tempo and melodic release.  The label has a track record of generating contemporary in-house rhythms, and here its ‘rasta nah joke’ rhythm provides the basis for Dread’s vocals. As well as his skills as a reggae vocalist, Dread is the drummer with us reggae/rock band the […]

GT Moore and the Reggae Guitars

Here is a 50th anniversary reissue of the eponymous album by British band GT Moore and the Reggae Guitars. Gerald Moore was previously in the folky group Heron, but on this album he attempts for the first time to bring the rhythm of reggae to a (predominately white) rock audience. This has since become commonplace […]

Manaky and Chezidek: Watch Out

It’s back to the 70s/80s with this new digital release from Hungary-based reggae band Manaky, coupled up this time with Jamaican vocalist Chezidek. This is in an old school reggae style, recorded at Studio Einz in Budapest. The track is briefly interrupted mid-song for a dub interlude before getting back to the main theme. Normally […]

David Cairol: Morphed Faces

Featuring top Jamaican musicians including Sly Dunbar, Earl ‘China’ Smith and Bongo Herman, this is a new and highly melodic reggae single from David Cairol. With two studio albums under his belt, he has toured widely from his base in France, including travels to his spiritual inspiration in Jamaica where he took part in workshops […]

Terry Hall

Reggae and ska again lose one of their greatest artists with the passing this week of Terry Hall, reportedly of cancer.  He was the cornerstone of Coventry 2 Tone band the Specials, fusing black and white personnel and music at a troubled time, and emerging with their first chart single ‘Gangsters’ in 1979. This record, […]

The Dualers: Voices from the Sun

Well here’s a very pleasant surprise: reggae and ska in the classic tradition from the Dualers, based in South East London. Demonstrating that there’s still an active market for this unreconstructed reggae sound, the Dualers have built up a formidable reputation from the live circuit and on the evidence of this album it’s entirely deserved. […]

RIP Robbie Shakespeare

Once again reggae loses one of its finest with the passing of Robbie Shakespeare, following surgery in the United States. As a bass player he was best known as collaborator with drummer Sly Dunbar to form one of the finest rhythm sections in reggae music. He was also an accomplished producer. He played with leading […]

Captain Accident: ‘Bad Press’ Album/Tour

Captain Accident? No, not a debut release from Boris Johnson, but the pseudonym of Cardiff reggaeman Adam Parsons. With his band, the Disasters, the Captain has built up a reputation for what he has described as ‘clumsy’ reggae from his home studio, and now prepares to embark on a tour of small venues around the […]