Black Roots: ‘Roots

This energetic UK reggae band, formed initially in 1979, have featured on these pages before (see February 2016 and September 2018) and are now back with the digitally released album ‘Roots’. Its focus is upon black origins in Kemet, an old Egyptian name for lands around the River Nile.  Aiming to develop a ‘new perspective and mindset’ the album contains clear and focused reggae music, highly melodic and reminiscent of their early years while akin to other British bands of the time such as Steel Pulse. The title track has the elements of prominent drums, electric guitar with a brass backing tucked away in the distance and it’s a good representation of the sound of the album as a whole. Good to know Black Roots are still around for the rest of us to enjoy.

Black Roots: ‘Roots’, Nubian Records

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