Gary Dread: When I See Your Eyes

From American drummer and producer Gary Dread comes this up-tempo and melodic release.  The label has a track record of generating contemporary in-house rhythms, and here its ‘rasta nah joke’ rhythm provides the basis for Dread’s vocals. As well as his skills as a reggae vocalist, Dread is the drummer with us reggae/rock band the Movement, and is also a member of reggae/hip hop outfit Rockaz.

Dubsquad Productions is a French label, responsible for several international collaborations with emergent reggae artists of which this is one. This release won’t change the world but it’s not meant to: just good mellow reggae music informed by the legacy of great artists in the past.

Gary Dread: When I See Your Eyes. Dubsquad Productions label, release April 2024

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