GT Moore and the Reggae Guitars

Here is a 50th anniversary reissue of the eponymous album by British band GT Moore and the Reggae Guitars. Gerald Moore was previously in the folky group Heron, but on this album he attempts for the first time to bring the rhythm of reggae to a (predominately white) rock audience. This has since become commonplace (not least from the Wailers themselves) but at the time was certainly novel. The band released two albums for the Charisma label in the 1970s of which this was the first. Apart from his folk origins GT Moore went on to play with reggae greats including Johnny Nash (on ‘Tears on my Pillow’), Sly and Robbie and Lee Perry so there is no denying his commitment to reggae music.    

My copy of this first album long since went missing so it is intriguing to hear it again. It is, to be charitable, an uneven album. The best-known track is ‘Move it on Up’ and this still stands as the best track on the album, fusing a reggae beat to the electric guitar style of 70s rock. Other tracks, including covers of ‘I’m Still Waiting’ and ‘Book of Rules’ are perhaps more forgettable. The musicianship is good throughout – the choice of material is more open to debate.

Although certainly of its time, this stands as a unique album and is worth a listen.

GT Moore and the Reggae Guitars, reissue 2024

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