Manaky and Chezidek: Watch Out

It’s back to the 70s/80s with this new digital release from Hungary-based reggae band Manaky, coupled up this time with Jamaican vocalist Chezidek. This is in an old school reggae style, recorded at Studio Einz in Budapest. The track is briefly interrupted mid-song for a dub interlude before getting back to the main theme. Normally responsible for their own mixing and engineering this enables the band to stay true to their love of reggae music and to retain control of their releases. Alongside this Manaky have built up a reputation for live performance where the three core band members are augmented by a wider group of musicians. As for vocalist Chezidek, no stranger to solo touring and with a fine pedigree of his own, the sound of the band fits perfectly for this release.   

Manaky and Chezidek: ‘Watch Out’, Evidence Music, digital release December 2023.

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