Lee Scratch Perry: Destiny

With the passing of Lee Perry in 2021, it might be thought that his musical output would come to an abrupt halt but here is a new release containing tracks he was working on before his death.  This happened of course with Bob Marley too, where enough unreleased material was found in the vaults to generate many posthumous releases, and even with the Beatles where partially completed tracks are still being discovered and embellished well over 50 years after their breakup.

On ‘Destiny’ we find young contemporary vocalists adding their weight to Lee Perry rhythms. Vocalists here include Xana Romeo, daughter of former Perry collaborator Max Romeo, Kabaka Pyramid who has worked with Damian Marley, and Evie Pukupoo who features on Destiny’s title track.

The new album consists of nine original tracks, with almost all of the instrumentation provided by Bob Riddim – great name! (aka François-Olivier Bouchard) – who adds an up-to-date reggae sound to Lee Perry’s characteristic rhythms. The tracks include the legendary strains of ‘Police and Thieves’ (featuring here Xana Romeo) plus two dubs of previously voiced takes on ‘Infinity Dub’ and ‘Destiny Dub’. Not a Lee Perry release in the way we would expect, but worth a listen.

‘Destiny’ release September 2023

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