RIP Sinead O’Connor

With Sinead O’Connor’s passing, at the age of 56, it is worthwhile to spend a moment reflecting on her powerful contribution to reggae. In 2005, she released Throw Down Your Arms, a reggae album where her beautiful voice soars above an excellent rhythm section including Sly and Robbie (who also produced the album at Tuff Gong, Jamaica). Absurdly described as a ‘reggae tinged’ release by one online news source (akin to describing Led Zeppelin as ‘guitar tinged’ or Kraftwerk as ‘electronic tinged’) it is in fact a masterful roots reggae release where Sinead O’Connor provides her own take on some classic reggae tracks. These include Curly Locks (known for versions by Junior Byles and of course Lee Perry) and Downpressor Man (familiar to many through Peter Tosh’s recording and by now practically a standard) but are mainly drawn from original releases by Burning Spear. These include, amongst others, Jah Nuh Dead, Door Peep and Marcus Garvey. This is an excellent reggae release, and its strength should not be neglected in the many tributes to Sinead O’Connor’s music. Yet this brilliant voice is gone now, forever. Sad, so sad

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