Dub Pistols with the Freestylers featuring Natty Campbell: Soundboy Killa

The Dub Pistols have built up an impressive reputation for their live shows and have a new album -‘Frontline’ – due out in March this year. In the meantime, this single – ‘Soundboy Killa’ – sets the scene with its fast ska-based rhythm and vocals influenced by hip-hop and the DJ sound of the 90s and early 2000s, plus a hint of a punky style as reflected in the Pistols’  name.

The band have released an astonishing eight albums to date, and this single is the second release from the forthcoming album. To quote the album’s publicity material, “…the Dub Pistols have just celebrated 25 years of riotous mayhem and righteous marauding with a new album, a documentary, another festival, and a whole lot more to come”. That’s quite a history so far, with a career just about spanning two centuries. ‘Soundboy Killa’ is a fast and driving sound. Give it a listen.

Dub Pistols: Soundboy Killa, released January 2023

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