The Dualers: Voices from the Sun

Well here’s a very pleasant surprise: reggae and ska in the classic tradition from the Dualers, based in South East London. Demonstrating that there’s still an active market for this unreconstructed reggae sound, the Dualers have built up a formidable reputation from the live circuit and on the evidence of this album it’s entirely deserved.

With its origins in the Jamaican Rhythm and Blues Band, led by brothers Tyber and Si Cranstoun, the nine-piece Dualers, led by Tyber, have evolved a powerful and authentic reggae sound that conjures up memories of the reggae greats. ‘Sunny Days’ is an upbeat optimistic song, perhaps reminiscent of masters like the late Toots Hibbert, while ‘Sweet Jamaica’ turns directly to ska in a convincing fashion. A ballad like ‘Special’ recalls the sound of Jimmy Cliff. But this is not an album of covers. It’s new music from 2022, informed by the legacy of Jamaican/UK reggae. Looking forward to seeing them live!

The Dualers: Voices from the Sun, release August 2022

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