Barrington Levy and OBF: Sweet Sensimilla  

Barrington Levy epitomises the move toward the dancehall reggae sound of the 80s and 90s and is well known for songs like ‘Under Mi Sensi’ as reggae music discovered the new possibilities of the digital age. This new release features three versions around the same familiar rhythm, beginning with Barrington Levy and OBF offering Sweet Sensimilla, with his instantly recognisable vocals atop a melodic reggae track, before we encounter Nazamba adding his spoken vocals to the existing track in a version entitled The Herbs. As if that were not enough the third track – Green Dub – credited to OBF alone is a satisfying and largely instrumental dub of the original rhythm. Jah bring me good sensimilla!

Barrington Levy and OBF: Sweet Sensimilla, released July 2022  

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