Flox: Square

The seventh album from ‘electro reggae’ artist Flox is an impressive excursion in reggae music, with a firm electronic rhythm throughout and roots in an obvious familiarity with the chords and feeling of the reggae tradition.

Although labelled as ‘nu reggae’ the album is closer to the spirit of reggae than we would find in dubstep or in some hip-hop reggae variations of recent years. Opening with ‘Smoke Grass’ we hear the sharp electro-dub rhythm which is the trademark sound of Flox. ‘Herbs and Spices’ continues in this distinctive way, while ’Morning Tempo’ slows things down to a deliberate and thoughtful pace. ‘Move On’ is a great reggae track in the classic mould, while the album closes with the strong and heavy sound of the title track.

Flox (Florian Gratton) is of a French/British background and his sound is certainly his own, based on several elements: technical mastery of the electronic instrumentation at his disposal, a feel for the sound and vitality of vintage reggae, a preference for simplicity and clarity in the finished product and – not least – an evident creativity.

He says, talking of his own productions, “I have to hear something. It can be a bass line, a bird, someone whistling in the street, a phrase on the radio – there are no rules.” The music develops from there.

Flox: ‘Square’, release July 2022  

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