Hollie Cook: Happy Hour

I suspect that Hollie Cook must get mightily sick of being referred to as ‘daughter of Sex Pistol Paul Cook’ as she has now surely done enough to establish herself as one of the leading British female reggae artists in her own right (see reviews of her albums on this site 2012 to 2017). Her new album entitled ‘Happy Hour’ is due for release in June and will further reinforce her reputation in current UK reggae music. Previously enjoying the production skills of Prince Fatty (Mike Pelanconi) this new album finds Hollie Cook herself at the production desk alongside General Roots band members Ben Mckone and Luke Allwood together with executive producer Youth. The album is supported by a short UK tour in summer 2022.

“Particularly with the songwriting, I was trying to really push myself and be open, to not be restricted in any way. I have always been a fan of theatrical pop music and wanted to experiment more with the song form.”

Ahead of the album’s appearance, Hollie Cook has released the video for ‘Full Moon Baby’, the first single from the album. It illustrates the development of her songwriting while still conclusively demonstrating her mastery of the authentic lovers’ rock sound with just a hint of dub trying to get through.

“I can’t get away from it,” she says. “Making this music that I love, I do turn deep inside myself. It makes me explore a lot of human truths and feelings that we should not shy away from, and it feels like a release to turn them into songs.”

Hollie Cook: ‘Happy Hour’, release 24th June 2022 on Merge Records

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