Mike Brooks: I’m a Superstar

Probably the first review on this site to discuss footwear, this modestly titled song celebrates the popularity of Clarks shoes in Jamaica. On this second single from his new album, Brooks extols the virtues of such shoes, drawing from his involvement in selling them from London to his birthplace of Jamaica. “Clarks in the morning, Clarks in the afternoon, Clarks at nighttime, too” is a sentiment about which we shall not pass judgement, concentrating instead upon the music.

Produced by Elijah Salomon, this track essentially takes us back to the 80s musically, with its electronic rhythm and dancehall-style vocals. Its repetitive rhythm relentlessly drives home the beat and the feel of the music and, for Brooks commercially and musically, the meaning too. Available as a 7” vinyl release or a digital download, it’s difficult to miss the message.

Leaving aside the specifics of this track, Brooks has been involved in reggae music for over 50 years and has worked with the legendary Treasure Isles studio and also with the late Lee Perry. He has been a producer at Channel One studios and certainly has a strong reggae pedigree. His vocals are powerful and the sound authentic – whatever shoes you are wearing.  

Mike Brooks: I’m a Superstar, release 28 January 2022 on One Camp Records.

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