The Specials: Protest Songs 1924-2012

On this outstanding new release, the core Specials membership of Terry Hall, Horace Panter and Lynval Golding is supplemented by a range of invited guests to cover twelve songs from across the decades. The sound is not confined to the ska/reggae tradition we associate with the Specials but reflects instead the band’s take on the songs they have chosen, and this varies widely. Following the album ‘Encore’ released in 2019 (see 11th February 2019), ‘Protest Songs’ further cements the band’s enduring reputation: if the Specials didn’t exist, we’d have to invent them as they are our musical and political conscience. The choice of songs is not what we might expect, being pleasingly idiosyncratic. It ranges from the Staple Singers’ ‘Freedom Highway’ held together by a strong crisp drumbeat, Talking Heads’ ‘Listening Wind’, and, on more familiar reggae ground, an innovative arrangement of the Wailers’ ‘Get Up, Stand Up’. The treatment of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Everybody Knows’ makes it worthwhile to buy the album even without taking the other tracks into consideration. More!    


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