Adrian ‘Donsome’ Hanson: Freedom Sound Riddim

The single rhythm album has long been a feature of the reggae music scene and has been assessed on these pages before (see ‘Let There Be Versions’ September 2009). Here is a new collection from New York producer Adrian Hanson wherein an impressive gathering of reggae performers present their individual vocals upon the foundation provided by the driving freedom sound rhythm. Amongst the tracks are names including Mykal Rose (‘Give Me Love’) and Lutan Fyah (‘Fade Away’). Also included is the San Diego band Big Mountain (‘Hear That Sound’}, who charted in the UK with their cover of ‘Baby I Love Yor Way’ back in 1994 (and also released a great version of Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’ a couple of years later). The closing track, credited to Adrian Hanson, gives the basic rhythm room to breathe and lets us appreciate the underlying strength of the music here.

Adrian Hanson: Freedom Sound Riddim, release 17th September 2021   

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