Manaky: Reborn

Previously featured on this site on 1st November last year, here’s Hungarian band Manaky with another fine reggae tune ‘Reborn’ from their album of the same name. It’s unadorned by the electronic and studio effects of 80s and 90s reggae and represents instead a return to the strengths of the traditional guitar/bass/drums reggae sound. As you may see from the video, it also features flutes and parrots which can’t be said for many releases these days.

Manaky: Reborn, release May 2021

Various Artists: Life Crisis

This new compilation is put together and released digitally on Thompson Sound. It features classic artists including Linval Thompson, Lone Ranger and Horace Martin in a collection of sounds that echo the vintage reggae era. The selection kicks off with Linval Thompson’s title track (featuring Jah Mickey and Lone Ranger) and takes us through twelve tracks of this vital reggae music. Each vocal track is followed by its dub version, credited to Thompson Sound, and if you like reggae music to any degree you’ll need to hear this very welcome release.

Various Artists: Life Crisis, digital release (iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify) April 2021