Lee Small: Chameleon

This new release from Lee Small is a great reggae album in the classic tradition. Originating from the English midlands area, Lee has developed his career over the past ten years in London, with a style that displays his rock and soul influences. The new album ‘Chameleon’ is a full-on exercise in reggae music with high production values and strong vocals throughout. The impact of listening to the reggae masters at an early age is evident, and the album is all the better for that.

The title track is a fine echoing dub-influenced reggae song with vocals hinting at Lee’s soulful history. ‘Back to Babylon’ has a faster lilting reggae rhythm, while ‘Life is a Landslide’ hints at the direct impact of the reggae greats: it is no exaggeration to say that you can picture Marley singing this at his peak. ‘Positivity’ is another dub-based soulful track, while ‘London Town’ is once more a strong reggae song with a classic feel. The album closes with ‘Big Love Lil’ People’, a happy and uncomplicated song which sums up the feel of the album as a whole: love and happiness. And we need that right now.

Lee Small: Chameleon, release in various formats, 9th April 2021.    

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