Dubquake Records: Signz Series Dub

From French label Dubquake Records comes a whole series of 7” and 12” releases, steeped in the original dub sound of 70s reggae, with an authentic feel that – were it not for the addition of synth sounds and contemporary production quality – could have been issued many years ago. Their “signz series” features artists including Aza Lineage, Pupajim, Shanti D, Sr Wilson, Junior Roy, Charlie P, and Eek-A-Mouse. There are some brand new tracks included here, namely “No War” with Junior Roy and “Mr Government”, plus the iconic 80s man Eek-A-Mouse featuring on two tracks recorded at the Dubquake studio. As you might expect, themes of resistance and rebellion are prominent here, especially on number 7 in the series which is ‘Mr Government’ featuring Eek-A-Mouse. ‘No Borderz Dub’ and ‘Dub the Government’. Music here for both the old reggae devotees and the younger brethren!  

Release November 2020; digital and vinyl; OBF- Dubquake Records

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