OMG Collective: Bounce

Here’s a new and intriguing sound from the OMG collective. Its owner is Chris Fosh, a singer, rapper and songwriter. Founded in London in 2011, the collective is a rare opportunity for singers, songwriters, producers and musicians to come together in a cross-genre music-making endeavour. Based on the values of creativity, work discipline and collaboration, it has a loose and fluid membership, united by the goal of creating and disseminating new music. This new release – ‘Bounce’ – is an arresting deep-voiced electronic excursion drawing from rap and dancehall, its closing electronic sounds almost reminiscent of the days of dubstep. It’s worth hearing in its own right, as well as worth supporting a venture committed to new sounds and new artists. No time fe yu nonsense: listen here! OMG Collective: Bounce, release 2nd October 2020.

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