Zulu Bob: Ms Joy

This is the new single from Antigua/Barbuda Reggae dancehall singer/selector Zulu Bob. It anticipates his new album ‘Road To ReggaeVille’ from Chinese reggae label DB Bros Records. ‘Ms. Joy’ follows a theme familiar in reggae music, a depiction of a hard life culminating eventually in a brief happiness. Musically it’s a repetitive dancehall digital sound which will appeal to Western ears accustomed to 1980s dancehall. It’s well produced and if you like that period of vintage reggae you’ll like this.

Zulu Bob (Norris Angelo Hodge) has already worked with some big names in the reggae world including Lutan Fyah and Tippa Irie and this release will build on his reputation established by his 2017 EP ‘Feel It’ and his debut solo album ‘Way Up’ in 2019.

The press release sums it up thus:Zulu Bob hails from the twin Island of Antigua and Barbuda. Moving to China for studies he jumped in the entertainment scenes. Zulu Bob spends his times working as both a DJ and Mc in Beijing under the alias of Norrisman but his true joy comes from him being able to share his views and feelings through his music. Working closely with DB Bros Records (China), WhyBeatz and Island Trap Records (Caribbean) he touches different styles, different genres and is truly dedicated and ecstatic about releasing to the world music from an artist with no barriers’

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