Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry: Heavy Rain

Seemingly immortal, reggae icon Lee Perry is back with a new album. In a reggae career covering several decades, he’s well-known for working with acts including the Wailers, the Congos and Junior Murvin but it is in his development of the dub style of the 70s that his contribution has been most distinctive. His dubs are instantly recognisable with a shifting underwater feel to the rhythm which succeeded in transforming some familiar cross-over hits into reggae classics, such as Susan Cadogan’s hit ‘Hurt So Good’ extending to an excellent dub courtesy of Perry’s production skills and his house band the Upsetters. The numerous contrasting dubs he generated of, say, Max Romeo’s ‘War in a Babylon’ or Junior Murvin’s ‘Police and Thieves’ still inspire reggae producers and listeners today.     

The new album ‘Heavy Rain’ follows on as a ‘dub companion’ to Perry’s ‘Rainford’ album, created in conjunction with British producer Adrian Sherwood and released earlier in 2019. In addition to offering dub versions of the songs on ‘Rainford’ the new album provides some new tracks too. A couple of tracks feature the leading reggae figure Vin Gordon, trombonist with the Skatalites and the Upsetters who also played trombone on some of the Wailers’ albums. More surprising, Perry’s new album also features a collaboration with Brian Eno, long-time producer in his own right and former musical partner of Robert Fripp amongst many others. Their collaborative track is entitled ‘Here Come the Warm Dreads’, neatly referencing Eno’s ‘Here Come the Warm Jets’ from many moons ago. All in all, ‘Heavy Rain’ maintains Lee Perry’s record as an idiosyncratic but always intriguing reggae legend.

Lee Perry: ‘Heavy Rain’, release December 2019   

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