The Skints: Swimming Lessons

Here come the Skints again with their forthcoming album ‘Swimming Lessons’ – their fourth – due out in May. The album’s title seems to be a metaphor for coping with all the hurdles encountered in modern life and we have already reviewed the single ‘Learning to Swim’ on these pages ( 24th January 2019). The rest of the album promises to reflect the band’s trademark blending of genres around its delightful punky reggae core and, as always, the band are touring relentlessly to spread their message. ‘Swimming Lessons’ also features collaborations with three of Jamaica’s current headliners, and the reputation of the band means that much is anticipated of this new release.

“As well as enlisting some of the absolute best of Jamaican vocal talent on the features, we’re really trying to push all ends of the spectrum of what The Skints music is and can be. Our whole back catalogue is diverse in mood and emotion, song to song, and on Swimming Lessons we’ve tried to take things a step further”, says the Skints keyboardist and vocalist Marcia Richards

A taste of the album can be found in this great track ‘Armageddon’ featuring Runkus.

The Skints: ‘Swimming Lessons’, release 10th May 2019 on Mr Bongo Records/Easy Star

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