Spellbreakers: Well Runs Dry/Purification Song

Here’s a new 12” single from Belgian roots band Spellbreakers, recorded live in their Antwerp studio on analogue equipment to give it that vintage reggae sound. This is their second 12” release and there is a great authentic feel to the two tracks. ‘Well Runs Dry’ is a fairly slow-paced reggae song, breaking into dub-style half way through, while ‘Purification Song’ is another strong track, perhaps reminiscent of the Capital Letters, with an excellent dub drum sound. With powerful vocals from singer Juli Jupter, and great production values, this is worth hearing if you like classic-style reggae music, heavy with bass and drum.

Spellbreakers: Well Runs Dry/Purification Song: 12” single, Bona-Fi Records, February 2019

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