Me and My Friends: Look Up

This forthcoming album is a very pleasant surprise. While it’s common to hear of bands being promoted as ‘genre defying’, in this case it’s an accurate statement of their very open and original musical approach. The opening track, ‘Another Lifetime’, featuring the characteristic ascending and descending African guitar style, a strong bass sound from James Grunwell (who also produced the album) which powers everything along and, certainly not least, the vocals of Emma Coleman that manage to be simultaneously vulnerable and powerful. This gets us off to a strong start, followed through by the single ‘High as the Sun’, upbeat and featuring the cello, again by Emma Coleman. ‘Look Up’ highlights the instrumental Afrobeats and guitar sound of the band, while ‘Promise Me This Much’ hints at Curtis Mayfield-era soul. As if this were not enough, ‘Gently Blinded’ has a guitar interlude inspired directly by jazz rather than rock, while ‘Good Life’ is the nearest thing to a reggae tune on the whole album, and impressive it is too. Proceedings come to a close with John Lee Hooker’s ‘Sometime’, a poignant song on which to end, and demonstrating that the band are at home with the blues too. A summary of this kind may make the album sound like a discordant mix of every style under the sun, but it doesn’t come over like that. It’s a collection of new and pleasing songs from a young band who are the polar opposite of the cynical heaven-knows-I’m-miserable school of thought. This album is joyous and fun and designed to be enjoyed.

Me and My Friends: ‘Look Up’, release 6th December 2018 on Split Shift Records

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