Spectacular: Speed It Up

Here comes a 12” vinyl release entitled ‘Speed It Up’ from Jamaican performer Spectacular. Also available in digital format, it’s the second collaboration between Spectacular and Avignon-based French label Conquering Records. As well as the lead vocal track, the single features a dub version courtesy of Jo Welders (of Welders Hi-Fi Sound System) plus two remixes from the French dubbers Mahom and Ashkabad. The remixes take contrasting views of the source material on the basic track. ‘Speed It Up’ is lyrically about the serious topic of money, no doubt a matter of some importance to Spectacular. Musically, the track is a great mix of old and new influences: bass-driven in a digital style, vocals hinting at the dancehall influence, vital and fresh. A nice sound.

Spectacular: ‘Speed It Up’, vinyl/digital, released October 2018 on Conquering Records

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