Common Kings: Lost in Paradise

Here is the debut album from US reggae band Common Kings who already have previous EP and single releases to their name. For the most part they originate from the South Pacific but were brought up in Orange County, California, and this legacy has no doubt influenced their generally easy laid-back style of reggae, evident in the album’s title track. The pantheon of US and UK rock greats has also made their mark on the Common Kings’ sound as well as the effect of Marley and the masters of reggae. They also seem keen on intriguing wordplays such as tracks entitled “Mary Wanna”, “Everybody Wants to Fool The World” from the album. Fronted by lead singer Sasualei “Jr King” Maliga, they successfully convey the impression of just having a good time, recently touring the world and currently in the middle of a major US tour: future big names.

Common Kings: ‘Lost in Paradise’, February 2017

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