They Say Jump: Lift Your Mood

they-say-jump-lift-your-moodHere comes the brand new release from London’s They Say Jump. Forming in 2010, and originally fronted by alternative soul singer Kwabs, the band now comprises Adrian Benn on vocals, Rhys Owen on saxophone, Ben Pearce on guitar, Sam Edgington on bass guitar, Luke Allwood on keys, Jackson Mathod on trumpet, and Mike Clowes on drums.  This is the debut EP from a band who are known for their blend of reggae, ska and R and B rhythms. ‘Can’t Chase Me’ features Horseman and generates the kind of dancehall/grime sort of sound you might expect from his involvement, a fast-moving upbeat track to kick things off with a neat spoken close to the song. ‘Lift Your Mood’ is more like a soul song initially before going into a drums/bass interlude and then a return to the soulful mood with which it began. ‘Twilight’ (the previously released single) brings us back to firm reggae beats, slow and again soulful, before we encounter ‘Reggae Music’ which pretty much speaks for itself, melodic and instrumentally powerful with a dub interlude before speeding to its conclusion reminiscent of 2-Tone at its height. The EP ends with ‘Surrender’, a slow and thoughtful reggae song to start with before accelerating to a ska-based conclusion, a great little track. They Say Jump are launching their EP at Hoxton’s Bar and Kitchen on Monday 15th August and will no doubt be in evidence elsewhere as the EP takes off.

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