Y-Bayani: Get Away

ph45007From the German label Philophon comes this new single ‘Get Away’ by reggae performer Y-Bayani and his Band of Enlightenment, Reason and Love. With his song ‘Asembi Ara Amba’, Y-Bayani has already featured on the respected debut album ‘Invisible Joy’ by the Polyversal Souls and this led to his first release under his own name. ‘Get Away’ is a light and up-tempo reggae song, backed-up on this single by the slower and more deliberate ‘Obar No Ni’. Both tracks were produced by Max Weissenfeldt and Stibbo Spitzmüller at Berlin’s Joy Sound Studios. This is the sound of Ghanian reggae music and is well worth a listen.

Y-Bayani: ‘Get Away’, single release July 2016, on Philophon (7” and digital)

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