Tree House Fire: Coming in Hot

b5b2c79f-8148-469c-b568-f9ca922ec064Here’s a good dose of contemporary UK reggae from Tree House Fire with their new EP ‘Coming in Hot’. Influenced by the sounds of dub, reggae, ska and punk their sound is young and fresh, expanding from their origins in 2012 through the release of two albums (see 4 August 2014) into a vibrant 5-piece band who have earned themselves quite a reputation. This new release kicks off with the gentle reggae rhythm and sparse instrumentation of ‘Major Rocket’, followed by the more upbeat sound of the title track. ‘What Matters Most’ is thoughtful melodic reggae, ’Stack It Up High’ has a relatively minimalist arrangement while ‘Hope’ is based on the contrasting rhythm of acoustic guitar. ‘Horizon Dub (Every Cloud)’ is a fine dub conclusion to the EP with a pleasing mix, led by its persistent bass. It seems like the band has evolved a mature sound that’s subtle and effective. Playing festivals in July, August and September there is a chance to hear them live as well as to enjoy this latest release.

Tree House Fire: Coming in Hot, release July 2016, CD and digital, Jamtown Recordings

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