Koen Duncan: Rebel of a Different Nature

maxresdefault (1)This new release from Koen Duncan, his first in five years, carries the same strong religious roots message evident on previous albums. Winning the DJ Performance of the Year in 2010 at the Marlin Awards in Bahamas for the song ‘Mountain Mover’, this was a track taken from his 2009 album ‘Shine High’ – a powerful collection ranging from the dramatic hip-hop/dancehall title track, through more soulful reggae songs, to the final explicitly devotional tracks. The 2011 album ‘Trinity’ added to his impressive output with its message of hope in songs such as ‘Don’t Be Afraid’.

The new album, ‘Rebel of a Different Nature’, reinforces an already strong reputation. One of the singles released from the album – ‘Down to the Wire’ – is a rapid-fire hip-hop dancehall track with an underlying melody and an underlying message. ‘Lift Him Higher’, another single release, is a similarly fast-paced dancehall-influenced dance track with an explicitly spiritual message. The overall sound of the album is both gentle and committed: worthy of attention.

Koen Duncan ‘Rebel of a Different Nature’, release 25th March 2016, Fox Fuse/JahLight Records


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