The Scribes: Mr Teatime and the End of the World

N93J4WQ6Here comes a new seven-track EP from alternative hip-hoppers the Scribes. the title of which might well have been a Kinks album from the late 60s. In contrast, it’s a sci-fi tale of an apocalyptic future and a rather nasty turn of events for life as we know it. Making the end of the world entertaining is a staple of Hollywood but less so in contemporary music; this release is an innovative attempt at tackling this theme.

Things open up with a spoken-word introduction to a dystopian landscape that makes old variations on the theme – like Things to Come – seem very tame in comparison and then it gets into its hip-hop hook. Along the way are some electronic references to bands such as Kraftwerk (in the ‘new world’) – references accentuated by the robotic theme – along with some rapid hip hoppery (in ‘the fight’). It’s very different from other current music, and for that matter it’s different from what the Scribes have offered us before (for instance see 3rd February 2015). Not quite the next Merry Christmas Everybody but it’s new, different and impressive in its own terms.

The Scribes: Mr Teatime and the End of the World, release 11th December 2015 on Reel Me Records

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