Digid and Squarewave: Rooftop Stepper

a2285389986_10From Belgian dubber Digid, in conjunction with London’s Squarewave, comes this three-track instrumental EP on Moonshine Recordings. The opening track, Rooftop Stepper, is an upbeat tech/bass reggae outing, giving way as it proceeds to interludes of differing electronic sound, marking out its appeal to both reggae and dubstep audiences. Next up is Basement Stepper, a more assertive sound around similar digital instrumentation with a determined bass and drum sound driving it all along, the rhythm pausing mid way through before bouncing back. The final track, Space Station Stepper, slows the pace but with a more ambitious instrumentation throughout. It all amounts to highly contemporary dub that will still make sense to those who thought dub was now solely down to reissues from a few decades ago. The EP is available on 12” vinyl as well as in digital format.

Digid and Squarewave: Rooftop Stepper; vinyl/DDL; release 4th December 2015 on Moonshine Recordings.

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