Digid and Squarewave: Rooftop Stepper

a2285389986_10From Belgian dubber Digid, in conjunction with London’s Squarewave, comes this three-track instrumental EP on Moonshine Recordings. The opening track, Rooftop Stepper, is an upbeat tech/bass reggae outing, giving way as it proceeds to interludes of differing electronic sound, marking out its appeal to both reggae and dubstep audiences. Next up is Basement Stepper, a more assertive sound around similar digital instrumentation with a determined bass and drum sound driving it all along, the rhythm pausing mid way through before bouncing back. The final track, Space Station Stepper, slows the pace but with a more ambitious instrumentation throughout. It all amounts to highly contemporary dub that will still make sense to those who thought dub was now solely down to reissues from a few decades ago. The EP is available on 12” vinyl as well as in digital format.

Digid and Squarewave: Rooftop Stepper; vinyl/DDL; release 4th December 2015 on Moonshine Recordings.

Dubwiser Dancehall: EP2

avatars-000185960686-hoys4g-t500x500Dubwiser Dancehall is based around the songwriting and production duo of Spider Johnson and Jonas Torrance, as an alternative project to UK reggae band Dubwiser. Spider Johnson has worked with Estelle and Killa Kela and been band leader for no other than Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, as well as collaborating with Mad Professor and co-writing the first Jungle no.1 in the UK, Original Nutter by UK Apache. Jonas Torrance is prominent in both the indie and reggae scenes and has played alongside greats such as The Wailers, Aswad and Horace Andy as well as co-writing and performing on the top ten dance tune Keep on Chasing by Oxford dance band, The Circle.

This second release from Dubwiser Dancehall, not unreasonably called EP2, is a curious but effective mix of styles and sub-genres within reggae. Opening with Ready Steady Go Yeah the sound is urban, hip-hop and dubstep- oriented, unrelenting and committed, giving way to the fast jungle sound of Boom a Rang. Next up is It’s On, fitting the style of the previous tracks but strangely melodic at its core. The remaining tracks – the dub side of the EP – lean back toward a relatively mainstream reggae style, with Reggae Dubman and the dub of Slowly hitting territory which is more familiar or less challenging depending on your point of view. Slowly Dub is in fact a strong track that’ll appeal widely. This release as a whole reinforces and extends the reputation of the band and its collaborators, already established by their first powerful EP in 2013 (see reggaemusic.org.uk 7th July 2013).


Dubwiser Dancehall; EP 2; Digital and CD release, November 2015