Kalbata and Mixmonster: Inna Skateland

Here comes a new single release from Kalbata and Mixmonster’s ‘Congo Beat the Drum’ album (see reggaemusic.org.uk 2nd March 2014 for review of the full album). ‘Inna Skateland’ is a slow-burning dancehall-inclined track, featuring vocals from Puddy Roots and a particularly strong bass line, displaying the vintage sound of analogue-era reggae music at its best. With old tape machines and analogue mixing it’s an unusually authentic sound, generating a convincing roots/dancehall/reggae feel. The flip is a previously unreleased dub version of the vocal ‘Skateland’ track, an excellent old-school dub with driving bass and drum/echo; a B-side that more than justifies selection of this track for single release.

Kalbata and Mixmonster: Inna Skateland/Dub; released 23rd February 2015 by Freestyle Records; 7-inch/digital

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