The Future Dub Project: Captain Hook

317_xlFuture Dub Project are a group of musicians, producers, collaborators and guests gathered into a collective inspired by the traditions of bass-led dub, but reaching out into new directions. Formerly of reggae-dub act Strobe Circus, James Duff and Kyle B have added bassist Mike Pocket and DJ Thomas James to become the Future Dub Project. With the addition of guest vocalists, and Tree House Fire’s (see 4th August 2014) Sam Rothon, ‘Captain Hook’ emerges as a tight and forward-looking EP.

Starting with the title track ‘Captain Hook’, with vocals from Chainska Brassika singer Ashley James and trumpets from Jonny Murray, the feel is upbeat – ska and 2-tone influenced – but with lyrics (and video) that conjure up a less insular and more diverse world than is often portrayed in reggae culture. The other core track, ‘Boogie Walk’, features Sarah Iman Telman on vocals. Its feel is different from the opener, providing us with a dancehall, electronic, assertive reggae sort of rhythm which resolves itself into a pleasingly noisy sort of rock-influenced conclusion. The production throughout is excellent and contemporary: future dub indeed. Aside from this, there are remixes of these two tracks: the radio edit ‘Smoove Remix’ of ‘Captain Hook’ is worthy of mention for its dance/funk inspiration, while the ‘Sean Paul Mash Up’ of the same song is a great toasting headlong dancehall version, again moving into dance mood as it progresses.

“For me the best thing about starting The Future Dub Project was that we came at it with a fresh energy,” says James. “With all the experience gained from playing in live bands for most of our lives, we’ve had the time to learn what works both in the studio and on stage.”

The Future Dub Project: Captain Hook EP. Release 3rd November 2014.

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