Mystic Man: Creating Reality

As well as being an album by Peter Tosh, ‘Mystic Man’ is also the name of an emergent artist based in Dordrecht in the Netherlands. ‘Creating Reality’ is his debut release, produced from his own studio, bringing us spiritually-influenced new music but very much in the style of vintage dub. Nicotine Dub has all the elements of echo, reverb and bass/drum-heavy dub that you could want, plus some electronic effects that all conjure up the great dub artists and classic-era producers as it makes its stately progress. Krishna Dub points up the album’s strong spiritual roots: more upbeat, but again with that great far-away drum sound echoing away behind the dub instrumentation and lyrics devoted to Hare Krishna. Gunman leans a little more toward dancehall in its style, while Calling Annunaki is vocally and melodically strong, again with its religious message up-front. Swedish Dub is, well, a great old-style dub that – although betraying little that is obviously Swedish – deserves some serious volume on playback. Plus, like all the other tracks here, the production is crystal clear. A surprising and welcome ten-track album release that is definitely worthy of attention.

Mystic Man: Creating Reality, release October 2014 from Ditto Music

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