Jamaica All Stars: All Rudies in Jail

artworks-000088395768-7f1nnu-t200x200Great to hear old-style upbeat ska-based rocksteady from the excellent Jamaica All Stars, who comprise some of the masters of reggae including Vin Gordon, Bunny Robinson and several contemporaries of equal renown. The fourth 7” vinyl release on Cubiculo Records, this single consists of ‘All Rudies in Jail’ on the A side, with a piano version rhythm track on the flip featuring Sparrow Martin, highly respected for his work as leader of the Alpha School Boys’ Band. In addition to the musical value of this release in its own right, the idea behind it (and that of the Jamaican All Stars themselves) was to allow the opportunity for younger people to meet the reggae masters, including a series of workshops – continuing the tradition of the Alpha Boys’ School. The song itself is bright and upbeat, infectious rhythm and clear mix, in the fine tradition of the All Stars.

Jamaica All Stars: All Rudies In Jail/Rudies Sparrow’s Piano; released September 2014, Cubiculo Records

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