Dubwood All Stars: Under Dub Wood

Rivertones-dubwood-packshotReleased in 2012, and then again in a limited number of 7” singles at the end of 2013, this unique take on dub-meets-Dylan warrants an honourable mention before it disappears from view. It’s Dylan Thomas, not Bob, and comprises the rather surprising twin elements of Ali Baba as the backing track together with a voiceover of Richard Burton reading from ‘Under Milk Wood’. In reality Dylan Thomas never sounded as Welsh as imagination suggests, so it’s fitting that the late Richard Burton provides the gravitas and erudition of his commanding Welsh tones in a way that fits most people’s preconception of what this “play for voices” should sound like. As for adding this over the top of a classic King Tubby mix, well, I’m sure the iconoclast Thomas would have raised a glass and enjoyed it.

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