Mungo’s Hi-FI: Bike Rider

Mungos-Hi-Fi-770Ah, bicycles. A topic not unfamiliar in popular music from Queen through to Melanie (although admittedly rollerskates also featured prominently in the latter case.) The list could go on but it would only get worse: the Mixtures or Engelbert Humperdinck (bicyclettes indeed). But it must be said that the bicycle has yet to find its proper role within reggae music. This glaring omission has now been addressed by Glasgow’s own favourite sound system, Mungo’s Hi-Fi, who are back on the web pages of with ‘Bike Rider’.

The track is taken from Mungo’s forthcoming album ‘Serious Time’, due for release on 2nd June 2014. The album as a whole promises vocal appearances from guests including Soom T, Peter Metro and no less than Cornel Campbell. Meantime, ‘Bike Rider’ is the characteristic dub-laden Mungo sound, with the production clear and creative throughout, and a deep and powerful bass providing the foundation for the driving rhythm track and the guest vocals from French dubber Pupajim. ‘I don’t need no gasoline with my bicycle machine’. Exactly.

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