Imperial Leisure: Nasty Boy

Imperial Leisure have a style (described by their label as ‘alt ska’) that’s pretty hard to pin down: rock-guitar led with a strong ska-based brass section, plus hip-hop vocals and a reggae skank rhythm somewhere back there in the mix. An earlier release like their ‘Great British Summertime’ displayed this all-embracing musical remit to excellent effect. The distinctive sound of the Skints (see 27th March 2013) is maybe some point of comparison if one is really needed. Imperial Leisure have been around for a few years now with two albums released thus far and a third coming into view on the horizon. This new single release – ‘Nasty Boy’ – is a punky reggae party that storms along heavily and keeps them firmly on track as pioneers of vital cross-genre live music.

Imperial Leisure ‘Nasty Boy’ released (digital) 30th March 2014, FXD Record

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