Lord Tooth Sound System

There’s a convincing feel to the sound of Portsmouth-based dub/reggae trio Lord Tooth who compose and perform live original dub in a style very much inspired by the pre-digital Jamaican productions of the 70s. Their recorded sound is now starting to provide a more enduring record of their latter-day dub excursions. Their first EP ‘The Younger Dub’ was released on American dub/reggae online label Boom One Records last September, its title track providing a gentle and authentic-sounding take on the classic dub era while ‘Train Go By’ gives us a sharper echo-laden dub sound.

Elsewhere they can be found to turn in a version of ‘Roxanne’ which injects something new and slightly weird into the familiar skanking chords of that great reggae tune and you may even have the opportunity to locate a rather unexpected account of Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’ which works considerably better than might be expected. But their dubs are not all covers of old stuff, there is plenty of other material and its production quality on their recorded output is impressive indeed. Live, featuring  bassist/vocalist Lyra Blackwa and instrumentalist Luxembourg, it should be even better.

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