Studio One Rocksteady

Soul Jazz Records have again come up with an excellent selection of tracks for this latest compilation. ‘Rocksteady’ is defined broadly here, and overall the collection thoughtfully and successfully captures the moment when the insistent rhythm of rocksteady started to give way to the different emphasis of reggae. The eighteen tracks here may not all […]

Rude Audio: Knockemdead

Hailing from what they describe as ‘the back streets of London’, Rude Audio offer a fairly unique blend of reggae, dub and drum and bass –  with powerful results. ‘Knockemdead’ is the lead single release from their forthcoming 4-track EP ‘Ruder’. The single, featuring strong and effective vocals from Eucalypta LV, manages to combine this […]

Lord Tooth Sound System

There’s a convincing feel to the sound of Portsmouth-based dub/reggae trio Lord Tooth who compose and perform live original dub in a style very much inspired by the pre-digital Jamaican productions of the 70s. Their recorded sound is now starting to provide a more enduring record of their latter-day dub excursions. Their first EP ‘The […]