onlyjoe: Play With Fire

Play_With_Fire_Digital_380pxFrom Unit 137 comes this new EP from London’s ten-piece onlyjoe, featuring four versions around the ‘Play With Fire’ track. It starts with a baseline vocal take on the title track, a crystal-clear roots sound with brass instrumentation and high-level production values that manages to sound very…musical. This is followed up with the Dubkasm remix, an extended and powerful/echo-ful dub treatment that gives way after a while to a more electronic rhythm and a fleeting reappearance of the vocals. The DJ Madd remix adds a further dubbed-up interpretation before the release concludes with a striking contribution from Hylu and Sleepy Time Ghost (whose own releases with Unit 137 have featured on in the past.) This final track is a muscular reinvention of the song with an added dubstep foundation – an assertive dub stance with sounds and vocals flying in and out of the mix. A great way to conclude a refreshing little release.

onlyjoe: ‘Play With Fire’, released by Unit 137 on 12” vinyl and DDL, 14th October 2013.

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