Winston McAnuff/Fixi: A New Day

This new album from respected Jamaican vocalist Winston McAnuff and French producer/accordionist Fixi is released on October 21st by Chapter Two records.

Winston McAnuff has been recording since the late 1970s although, unlike some Jamaican contemporaries, his records were not widely released and thus his recognition remained limited. In recent years he has become more widely known in Europe, particularly in France. His music has tended to blend elements of jazz and folk as well as reggae, and this is evident on this new release. There are soul elements here too, along with musette (French accordion) and afrobeat styles.

‘Sam Cooke, Al Green, these guys were all heroes here in Jamaica so this record is a reflection and it’s definitely broad’ says Winston McAnuff and this promotional video gives some further clues about this different sort of reggae sound.

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