Hylu and Jago meet R Kent: Uplifting Riddim

uplifting RiddimHere comes the second release from London DJ/production outfit Hylu and Jago, available variously on 7” vinyl versions and digital download. This time round they team up with onlyjoe guitarist and composer R Kent for the aptly named ‘Uplifting Riddim’. It’s released by Unit 137, a South-East London-based collective of DJs, producers, vocalists and musicians who share a recording studio, sound system and record label. The Uplifting Riddim EP is one of the tangible products of this ambitious and committed musical project.

This release is firmly in the roots and reggae tradition, bass-driven and with high production values. The versions included here feature different vocal treatments around the strong basic rhythm, from Jah Defender (Trinidad), Josie Mel (Jamaica), Galak Spiritual (France) – plus Dandelion who offers a powerful ‘Mad Times’ interpretation. Added to this are impressive re-mixes from resident Unit 137 DJ/producer Sleepy Time Ghost (see reggaemusic.org.uk  27 January 2013) and Reggae Roast’s Adam Prescott. The latter remix is a great dub/club echo-laden restructure that takes the rhythm somewhere else again.

Uplifting Riddim EP released by Unit 137, June 2013, on 7” vinyl (x 2) and DDL.  

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