Mr Benn: Shake a Leg

Well who can resist the opportunity to review a release from Mr Benn, a veteran socialist politician who wore a bowler hat and frequented a fancy-dress shop. Every week he would get changed into outlandish clothing and disappear into another world through a magic door at the back of the shop, before returning to demand […]

Congos in Camden, Prince Fatty in Brixton

The contribution of the Congos to reggae is well-understood and well-documented. Their classic album Heart of the Congos (1977) is still held in awe as a reggae landmark ( 18th September 2009) while more recent dub reworkings (see 19 May 2012) continue to attract attention. Plus they still perform live, with undiminished force. Now […]

Hylu and Jago meet R Kent: Uplifting Riddim

Here comes the second release from London DJ/production outfit Hylu and Jago, available variously on 7” vinyl versions and digital download. This time round they team up with onlyjoe guitarist and composer R Kent for the aptly named ‘Uplifting Riddim’. It’s released by Unit 137, a South-East London-based collective of DJs, producers, vocalists and musicians […]