The Scribes Present: Ill Literature

This release from alternative hip-hop outfit The Scribes together with a host of collaborators and guests offers a bass-driven but subtle sound together with a collection of surprisingly melodic takes on urban themes and, well, whatever was on their mind at the time. Comprising Shaun Amos (The Scribes/Exposure Music Award’s Best UK Urban Act), multi instrumentalist and bass specialist Jake Galvin (Cosmo Jarvis/Bass Guitar Magazine) and singer/guitarist Jack Joyce (Spoken In Sonar), with contributions from a large team of others, this is hip-hop with feeling, not the empty material obsessions of the predictable kind of hip-hoppery that descends into self-parody. So we have a strong collection of songs to begin with: Buried (and for that matter Burning Bridges) leading with a guitar that’s somewhere between rock and funk; Heavy Wait similarly leading with guitar up-front (and also with a powerful remix of the same track concluding the album) while Pipe Dreams could most accurately be described as lyrical, not typically an adjective associated with hip-hop. Not a Dancer is a sparse and surprisingly effective mix of beats and piano. The somewhat unusual single Monsters appears to have Super Mario guesting on keyboard- but that’s OK, and you can see the weird video for yourself below. A really strong album that’s difficult to categorise, but that’s no bad thing. Melodic thoughtful hip-hop with soul: now, some PR company could definitely run free with that combination.

The Scribes Present Ill Literature: released October 7th on CD/Digital download, see

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