Sahra Indio: The Tru I

American singer and songwriter Sahra Indio started her musical career in the Jahringa Reggae Band in 1993 in Hawaii, and since becoming a solo artist has been involved in several well-received releases. Thus we come to her third solo album ‘The Tru I’, from Olumeye Records and her new collaborators at Roots Lab Intl, drawing […]

Steve Steppa: Zion Door

From Come Fi Conquer and Springline Jamaica Recordings comes another fine release, this time featuring the melodic reggae sounds of Steve Steppa on a new 11-track album (available on DDL and CD). It begins with ‘Another Morning’, kicking off with a slow drum intro before going into the classic roots sounds of percussive keyboard and […]

Soothsayers: Human Nature

This new album from London’s mightily impressive Southsayers, produced by Manasseh and Yesking (in the Prince Fatty Brighton studio), is a splendid collection of urgent tracks. The style is three- part harmony from Robin Hopcraft, Idris Rahman and Julia Biel, underpinned with precise dub and reggae rhythms meticulously produced in a classic reggae style. It […]

Prince Fatty: Ali Baba/Ku Fu Battle ina Brixton

Here comes another single release from ‘Prince Fatty Versus the Drunken Gambler’, that recent and well-received album of dubbed-up frantic reggae fantasy (see 26th August). This time it’s a version of John Holt’s classic ‘Ali Baba’, with Winston Francis taking the lead and Dennis Alcapone providing his characteristic background contributions. This is paired on […]

The Scribes Present: Ill Literature

This release from alternative hip-hop outfit The Scribes together with a host of collaborators and guests offers a bass-driven but subtle sound together with a collection of surprisingly melodic takes on urban themes and, well, whatever was on their mind at the time. Comprising Shaun Amos (The Scribes/Exposure Music Award’s Best UK Urban Act), multi […]

By The Rivers: Don’t Say You Love Me

The first single release from their debut album finds emergent Leicester-based band By The Rivers displaying an intriguing range of musical styles. They have generally been labelled folk/reggae but that doesn’t quite capture it. The lead track, ‘Don’t Say You Love Me’, suggests in its opening bars that we might be in for something at […]