King Porter Stomp: Shuffle

Brighton-based collective King Porter Stomp generate an unusual and original brand of music, fusing elements of funk, reggae, world music, and brass/horns into something that’s difficult to summarise. The nine tracks on ‘Shuffle’, their new release, may be hard to categorise but they all carry a lively and immediate sound with, in the broadest sense, a roots inspiration. ‘Breathless’, for instance, resides somewhere between reggae and hip-hop with a hint of James Brown thrown in there somewhere, ‘Hot Coals’ is a slow two-tone influenced workout, while the closing track, ‘Mama Needs a Hand’, sails closer to the shores of South America than Jamaica in its rhythms. It’s difficult to recall such a disparate mix of styles from a currently active band (although we might recall the similarly vital sound of Dubwiser, see 1st November 2011). This is music that was made to be heard live – have a listen and look here:

King Porter Stomp ‘Shuffle’ released September 2012, Comm:UNITY label, CD/digital

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