Jah Van I: Warrior for a Cause

Jah Van I’s album ‘In My World’ was released during Jamaica’s anniversary independence celebrations in the summer of 2012, its Jamaica/Martinique sound bringing an optimistic feel to a powerful collection of reggae songs with strong production throughout. (see review on reggaemusic.org.uk 7 July). This new single, ‘Warrior for a Cause’, is taken from the album and is a fine roots anthem […]

King Porter Stomp: Shuffle

Brighton-based collective King Porter Stomp generate an unusual and original brand of music, fusing elements of funk, reggae, world music, and brass/horns into something that’s difficult to summarise. The nine tracks on ‘Shuffle’, their new release, may be hard to categorise but they all carry a lively and immediate sound with, in the broadest sense, […]

Easy Star All-Stars: Thrillah

The Easy Star All-Stars had established a reputation for giving a complete reggae makeover to venerable rock records including Dark Side of the Moon, OK Computer and Sgt Pepper before they finally released a full-length CD of their own material, ‘First Light’, in 2011. As well as being a touring band that faithfully reproduces the […]